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Chocolate Empire is an ice cream rolled and desserts shop. At Chocolate Empire we make the ice cream right in front of you on a -30C ice pan. Also, we bake it the waffle and the crepes at the front of you to guarantee you will get every single thing from chocolate empire fresh and healthy. We always use organic fresh fruits and berries!!

Not only are all of our ice cream flavors professionally made with the simplest raw ingredients – we also create a great entertainment dynamic with our made to order service. Why not come to try our delicious ice cream and also feel the goodness and fun of watching your order come to life.

What makes us different? Our products are organic. They are fresh and they are spiced with the natural goodness and vitality of fruits…all because your optimum health is our delight!

More About Us


We offer versatile ice cream flavors, ranging from fresh strawberries and cream to rich cocoa and nutty relishes. Our goal is to always serve you the fresh and high-quality menu. We are creatively dynamic to make sure we expand our menu, so be on the lookout for seasonal items.

We also provide catering services to get you covered for your home and events needs.

We guarantee your optimum satisfaction and fun every time you come to Chocolate Empire. Feel free to ask our staff if you have any inquiries. You can also contact us at

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Why Chocolate Empire

Watch your ice cream be hand crafted and rolled right infront of your eyes

Always Serve Fresh Fruits .

You always gonna enjoy our daily fruits and our fresh ice cream flavor made every day also to guarantee you gonna get your stuff very fresh we don’t have anything pre made we just gonna make every things at the front of you…

People over friendly's

Feel comfortable always to ask the stuff for whatever you need we are always there to make sure you gonna get the best experience…

Quality Organic Food

Get your ice cream mixed with organic stuff and daily fruits…

A visual Experience

Have fun with watching your ice cream making at the front of you with fancy makers…